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We are the leading publication for anything related to the construction industry. We are the one whom business executives, professionals and homeowners turn to for references when it comes to the hottest trends in the construction market such as the latest information on green homes construction, energy-efficient windows and garage door openers in Oklahoma City. We are the most updated construction publishing company that has millions of subscribers the world over.

This was made possible by our dedicated writers, editors and staff who work non-stop to get across to every individual every creative ideas and unique techniques that are beneficial to their plans of starting any residential and commercial construction and renovations to their existing homes. We give constant update on the dynamic and fast – paced construction business as we uphold our company’s values of providing only honest and credible services to our customers while we continue to cultivate our partnership with them.

At present, we are not only publishing hard copies of our magazines and paraphernalia but also creating digital copies as well. This makes it more convenient for our market to keep in touch with us without the usual bulk that comes with having a hard copy. This is also economical and environmental friendly as it saves the cost for printing and papers as well.

Construction NR Group also publishes DIY videos DIY’s professionals we interview as guidance for our customers. This teaches them easy to perform repairs and maintenance in their homes and solution for day-to-day problems. Our videos also include featured services such as interior designing services and garage door services.

This enables business owners to share ideas and knowledge to individuals for future use.