Construction NR Group is a publication company committed to keeping its market up-to-date with useful and timely information that is all about residential and commercial construction, house and building designs, buildings’ maintenance and repairs must-knows and important innovations to the ever-changing business of constructions. It is well-known locally and fast being one of the toughest competitions internationally.

Construction NR Group has been in business for more than 52 years and since then has been know to produce world-class news being followed by million of subscribers’ worldwide. For such a short time, since its establishment in December 1963, it has become one of the leading publishing companies that feature anything and everything about the construction industry.

It has become the most credible source of new architectural designs and structures worldwide. It also showcased highly-skilled professionals that made a difference in the field. Most importantly, it gives idea on ways to make every homes more eco-friendly which indirectly impacts the environment.

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That is Construction NR Group to you, always willing to serve.