Construction NR Group publishes magazines and online journals that have to do with residential and commercial construction. Our products include the following:


building-homesBuilding homes magazine are quarterly subscription to keep construction companies and new home owners u
p-to-date with the latest trend on architectural styles, construction materials, and touches that can make a difference to your building plans and blue prints.

We introduce from time to time top-of-the line brands that are America’s favorite and you can apply to your properties. You can also get ideas for room structure in this magazine.


This magazine will give you ideas on how you can create a healthier home. It gives ideas on eco-friendly materials for your homes. It also gives tips on how to make your properties energy efficient by teaching you ways to harness energy from renewable sources such as solar energy.


This magazine will give you a walk through different designs in every country to incorporate to your homes. They take you to places and their unique home design without leaving the comfort of your homes. This also features professional designers world-over who regularly gives tips and advices on how you can improve your homes.


This magazine is very timely and useful to those buildings and homes where the latest technologies have its place. Learn about modern security features for your homes or futuristic appliances that can make your homes and buildings the envy of the neighborhood.


Landscaping and garden tips? This is the best magazine for you. Visit the best landscaping designs on different places and benefit from tips brought to you by only the people in the field. They have you covered from putting up a small herb and vegetable garden on your backyard, up to adding more trees for shade and a fresher air to your lawns. Learn the best way to decorate additional outdoor space for weekend barbecues or for children’s playground.

  • GARAGE DOORSgarage-door

This magazine features all news and updates regarding garage doors. Know more about the different types of garage doors. Learn different garage door styles that can complement your homes and buildings. Know simple maintenance and repair jobs you can do on your own. Find out the best garage doors services near you and check out additional features that make your home safer from thieves and break-ins. Play with colors and pick the best materials and brands from the bunch.